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Force sync team members to Dataverse for Teams *Users* table

In this #PowerShot, I will show you how to setup a flow to force sync team members of a team to the Users table in the respective Dataverse for Teams environment.

Let's get started!

Initially, when you create an app and use the users table and then deploy it to a teams channel, you may not see all the members of the team appearing in the Users table.

There are two ways you can resolve this issue. One by navigating to the Power Platform Admin Center -> Select the environment -> Open settings -> Users -> Add users. The detailed process can be found here.

The other way is to automate this is using Power Automate and let's see how we can do that.


Power Automate

Step 1: Trigger- Manual- To kickstart the flow. This can be changed to a different trigger based on the use case (Like 'When a new team member is added in Microsoft Teams')

Step 2: Action- Get a Team from Microsoft Teams- To get the team details. Here we are specifically looking for the Team ID.

Step 3: Action- Get Group Members from Azure AD- To get the team members from the Azure AD by passing the Team ID from the previous action.

Step 4: Control- Apply to each- To iterate over each team member returned from the previous action.

//Loop Starts

Step 5: Action- Force Sync user by Power Platform Admin Center- To force sync the team member in the current iteration to the specific selected environment.

//Loop Ends


In this post, we saw how to get team members and then force sync them to the Dataverse for Team environment using the Power Platform Admin connector and actions. This step to force sync users be added to automation for new onboardings and new team member additions as well so that the users are immediately added to the table.

I hope you found this interesting and it helped you. Thank you for reading.

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