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How to: Add (multiple) attachments on Approval actions in Power Automate

In this #PowerShot, I will show you how to add multiple attachments in Approval actions in Power Automate.

The feature to add attachments to approval actions was released recently and this post is to show how to add an array of attachments to an approval action.

Lets Get Started!

Step 1: Trigger: Manual trigger with two inputs for adding files. This is a test demonstration and so the files are being added on the manual trigger.

Step 2: Action: Initialize Array Variable: To store each file item as an object element. Note that for the Approvals action, the attachments array is constructed with objects that have the keys "name" (filename with extension) and "content" (the content of the file). This construct is a bit different than that for other actions that usually have the key "ContentBytes" instead of "content".

Step 3: Action: Start and wait for an Approval: Here, we provide all the relevant details and then in the attachments section, click the toggle switch to accept the input as an array and reference the attachments array that was created above.

Add the consecutive steps as needed for the process flow.


In this post we saw how to work with attachments on Approval actions (Start and wait for an Approval and Create Approval) in Power Automate.

I hope you found this interesting and it helped you!

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1 Comment

Rajpreet Kaur Lehra
Rajpreet Kaur Lehra
Jun 01

array variable is not supported on Create an approval, it says it has to be string

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